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October 4, 2012

As of last Friday (September 28th), Matt Cutts has yet again tweeted out another “weather report” stating a “small” update that would affect “low quality” exact match domains.  Matt Cutts estimated that this small update would only affect 0.6% of all search results. Exact match domain, or EMD, means a domain with the exact keyword within the title of the domain.  If my website was ranking for the keyword “pink shoes”, then my EMD would be http://pinkshoes.net or http://mypinkshoes.com.

SEOMOZ – reported that the new Google EMD algo update had a day to day change of over 10% of exact match domains that were ranking on the first page of Google.

There has been a lot of buzz about the new update from webmasters complaining that the update had affected their exact match domain high-quality sites.

Going forward, if you heavily rely on an exact match domain to rank in Google, think again as this strategy can backfire if Google’s algo thinks that your website is low-quality.


Andrew Teh

In Bueno, Andrew works as Chief Marketing & Service Performance officer. He focused around client services and education, service quality assurance, marketing, business development and business operation. Andrew oversees the growth of Bueno and drives the strategy development of global pitches. His industry experience span 10 years and includes software and website development, business development, business management, service quality assurance, training and support.

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