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Real Estate Lombok


I'm really blown away by Bueno's SEO service.Mario, Director

Real Estate Lombok helps users to buy and sell Bali and Lombok properties. Most buyers are wealthier Indonesians and foreign buyers, all with money to spend on their own versions of island living. Land buyers choose Real Estate Lombok agents because they educate themselves about the constant changes in the Bali and Lombok property markets.
They help clients navigate the legal requirements of real estate deals while complying with all government regulations. Through their due diligence, their clients feel their investments are safe and there’s always a great deal to be made.

Our internet marketing strategy for Real Estate Lombok are: on-site optimising, organic.



Bueno knows how to do internet marketing correctly! We had difficulities for boosting our internet footprints. We decided to pursue business market expansion into the internet, but we didn't have the knowledge to do it the right way. Then along came Bueno. They directed us to the right keywords, fixed our website authority. We really glad about the result.Budi Thomas, Director


Bankpixel helps in making designing website, brochure, catalogs, business cards, magazine, product packaging, booklet, posters, billboard designs, advertisement, banner, product catalog, album designs, greeting cards and book designs; for companies.

Bueno helped Bankpixel to restructure the website to be better to the eyes of search engines.

Virtual Assistant Provider


We just started up our business not very long ago. Sales & promotion are always difficult topic to new business, and we were not doing the conventional way. We pushed our virtual assistant business to the website and run an internet marketing campaign through it. Bueno give us consultation and insight on how to do it correctly.Kenny Tjendekia,

Virtual Assistant Provider (VAP) is an outsourcing company that specializes in providing a dedicated virtual assistant to support your daily operational work. Virtual Assistant itself is an independent outworker who provides help and support for various industries in form of administrative, creative, and technical task. VAP employs the best talent in the industry and have the right mix of experienced resources as well as fresh minds that bring fresh approach to the table. Keeping in mind the various sectors of the industry that we cater to, our assistants are available to support you in major business industries nowadays.



When I met Andrew, I thought he was just another SEO guy; but I was wrong. Bueno is not another SEO company. They are very pro-active, caring, and I feel very pampered by their service. Nowadays, my website's page views is increasing each and every day. Business is good. Thanks guys!Deren Mokoginta, Founder

Powerful POS Software For Your Restaurant

Quinos Point of Sales is the best and most complete restaurant software in Indonesia. Quinos POS designed and developed especially for restaurant, bar, cafe, lounge, and night clubs; to thrive effectifity, effeciency and day to day routine. Quios POS is very easy to use and has a very steep learning curve.

Our internet marketing strategy for Quinos are: on-site optimising, organic, and link building compaign. It begins from researching the potential keyword strategy, and what was the mistakes. We are quite happy about the result, the page views are increasing by 10% every month. Awesome!

ICAN Education


I just can’t believe I haven’t met these guys earlier! Bueno walked me through my website, page by page, and explain everything. The best part is their weekly report, which shows the progress of my website’s keywords rank (hint: it’s always increasing).Kevin Putra, Director

ICAN is an education consultant for students who want to study abroad i.e Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, USA. ICAN’s online presence is very important to them, because of their customer’s profile is: young, internet savvy and well educated. ICAN approached Bueno with the goal: “please make them find us in Google when they researching about studying abroad.”

ICAN’s current 1000 unique visitors per month from search engine, in 8 months is unbelievable. Because at first, they had like only 10 unique visitors per month and this is because they didn’t even rank in Google. We researched the potential keyword strategy, optimized their on site website content, maintaining the relationships with the universities (which ICAN’s represent to the student) to put back-links to ICAN.

At first, the decision to slim down the keyword focus was a bit difficult. Because all the keywords are important to them, but we had to focus in order to succeed ranking. We had to let go 10 keywords, down to 4. And looking back that day, probably the decision was right; because right now ICAN office is getting busier everyday, thanks to the inquiries from search engines. Mission accomplished? We think it is.