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January 5, 2017

With the number of active social media users has reached more than 2.5 billion, the social media is predicted to be still be growing years ahead. Every year, the growing rate reaches 9% which is a big number. And every year, new trends occur and develop. Experts have even predicted the upcoming social media trends in 2017. What are they? Let’s check out these 5 upcoming trends.


Live video will be more popular than in 2016. Millions of viewers have been moving to live videos from conventional TV. There are several most frequently used live video strides including YouTube Live, FB Live and Periscope Pro. Most of the users access the live videos from their mobile devices and this is an important fact. Even the CEO of STN Digital has made statement that even big broadcasting company will be left behind if they don’t come up with FB Live strategy. This has made clear how Live Video is going to be another biggest trend among the social media trends in 2017.


Messaging app still rules the way of communication. This app isn’t only important for relationship among human but also between a company and their customers. The idea of communicating through one on one way is highly valued. This is a great way to learn the customers’ behavior.


Moving on to other social media trends in 2017 and it’s the social commerce turn. It means the use of social media for ecommerce transactions. Recently, Messenger and Google have been allowing their users to send money but it is still peer to peer exchange. Meanwhile, the potential social media that are predicted to allow for purchase are Twitter and Pinterest.


In 2016, virtual reality isn’t very popular yet although there are already lots of circulating rumors about it. But in 2017, virtual reality will be a huge hit. The contents will came in form of 360 VR videos. These will be uploaded on Facebook and YouTube. This is going to be the future and will continue to grow from year to year ahead.


Evolution of social channels will continue to happen. The Snapchat for instance, will be continuing to rise years ahead. Meanwhile, Instagram will also take place through Explore Tab and Instagram Stories. The social channels will be more successful in making the users spend hours and hours enjoying all the contents. And of course, among the social media trends in 2017 are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and other major platforms.


Felix Widjaja

Felix is the art/creative guy in Bueno. He is one of Bueno founder. He comes from technical and information system background. Felix holds degree in computer science and work as programmer in his early career; He’s one of the first dot com bubble survivors and has been designing websites since late 90’s. Stumbled into web design (again) at his late office career, quickly turned him to what he truly is. Fun fact: Felix had a rock band since 8th grade as guitarist. On college, the band plays in several local cafes, he was keyboardist at that time.

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