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October 7, 2016


It’s almost impossible to avoid wondering about how social media marketing impact your online presence. This question will always be asked by some people who have no idea how the online marketing works. When people are fussing about social media does wonders to online presence, questioning becomes inevitable. As you may know already, various options of social media can be found. Each one of them is good to help boosting the online presence. The question now is how. How does it work? The answer lies in three things. These things are the primary reasons why the social media can be impactful for online presence.
A Way to Interact with Customers and Peers
Social media is a really good tool for communicating with customers and peers wherever and whenever. This is the first and the core reason to use social media marketing. In any social media, there will always be conversations happening and talking about particular things related to a business. The person who tries to raise online presence can take an advantage by joining conversations. There’s no need to hesitate. Go and join them. Go and interact with these people. The more interactions created, the better online presence will be felt, but how come?
Unique contents are the answer of how social media marketing impact your online presence. Interactions with customers and peers will help increasing the number of unique contents. Even when a company already established an official website, social media accounts are still highly recommended. People can notice a company from the social media activities such as Facebook or Twitter or even the variety of blogs and forums. The primary goal in increasing social media activities is to encourage the positive conversations as much as possible about the brand of business and thus leading it to be more visible.
More Occurrences in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
With the increasing number of social media activities, the will be more occurrences found in the SERPs. The result pages of a search engine will not be fixated on the official website of a company. Instead, these pages will also show the social media pages. Blog pages, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, Linkedin pages, Flickr photostream and more social media pages. The most activities done, the more pages will show up in the result pages of the search engines. Keep in mind that these social media accounts need to remind active or updated from time to time. When it is done properly, visibility and traffic will certainly increase.
Improving the Page Rankings
Last but definitely not the least, page rankings will increase. This is how social media marketing impact your online presence. It’s obvious that top ranked pages will get the most attention. In other words, there will be higher chance to be visited by the people who lurks on internet searching for something they need. With the active social media accounts, improving ranks will be easier. The more social media accounts used, the higher chance to be found on top ranks of the SERPs.

Felix Widjaja

Felix is the art/creative guy in Bueno. He is one of Bueno founder. He comes from technical and information system background. Felix holds degree in computer science and work as programmer in his early career; He’s one of the first dot com bubble survivors and has been designing websites since late 90’s. Stumbled into web design (again) at his late office career, quickly turned him to what he truly is. Fun fact: Felix had a rock band since 8th grade as guitarist. On college, the band plays in several local cafes, he was keyboardist at that time.

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