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December 16, 2016

If you have been around dealing with search engine optimization, there is a good chance that you are familiar with the existence of tools to track search engine ranking. The website you are working with is ranked based on its visibility. Websites are ranked based on their keywords. If they manage to come up to the first page, they will have higher ranking than websites on the next page. Those websites are ranked for good reason. It is important in order to find out their visibility from visitors. You will have more visitors if you have visible website. More visitors only mean more income from the website.

Why you need to use tools to track search engine ranking? The answer is simple. By understanding the ranking of your websites, you will be able to plan next move to incline the ranking. For instance, the rank of your website is in the bottom position. You need to work hard in order to make it rise to the top ranking. If you are already in the top ranking, you need to maintain your position so that it does not replaced by other website. The best part about those tools is they offer several features. The main feature is ranking function. They do not only rank your website on Google search engine, but also other search engines as well.

The other important feature of tools to track search engine ranking is the keyword suggestion function. In order to boost your website ranking position, you normally focus on particular keywords. Unfortunately, when you type the keywords you are focusing, the result might not satisfied. Therefore, those tools also include keywords suggestion. This feature gives suggestion on related keywords that will help you to boost the website ranking. Once you use the suggested keywords on your website, you will get satisfied result in short period of time.

The data from Google is constantly changing. Unpopular keywords with low visibility from visitors can be the most popular keywords in a matter of second. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use tools to track search engine ranking regularly. By checking your website ranking, you will be able to know your website position. It is crucial when your ranking is suddenly dropped for any reasons. One friendly tip that might help you is by optimizing your tag. You can do that by taking advantage of suggested keywords. If the website is about local business, it will be a great help since the competition for the top rank is more difficult.

Andrew Teh

In Bueno, Andrew works as Chief Marketing & Service Performance officer. He focused around client services and education, service quality assurance, marketing, business development and business operation. Andrew oversees the growth of Bueno and drives the strategy development of global pitches. His industry experience span 10 years and includes software and website development, business development, business management, service quality assurance, training and support.

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