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May 10, 2014

Google has made huge changes over the past couple years in the way it ranks website. Started from Panda “the poor quality content killer”, Pinguin “the Spam fighter and link network crusher”, and Hummingbird “the Content King” even the Top Heavy Algorithm “Ads Killer” makes all business have start to reshape and change their web marketing strategies and SEO tactics.

Some of the website got their rank downgraded, the worst get penalized, but the good news is the client (searcher) get more qualified content when they searched. Still not good news enough for you?

And then, what’s happen with all website that got penalized by the Google? is it over for them?
fortunately, Google still believe not all the website that got penalized doesn’t have relevant or high quality content and Google still give a chance to all those websites to revive again. Sounds good now?

So, What the webmaster should do?
Don’t forget, we have been told over and over again, Content is the King. Make sure your website have high quality and unique content that useful for the audience. Audit your website whether it already comply with Google guideline or not. and Remove the un-organic link that has been prohibited by the Google. Lastly, ask the Google to review your website again.

But if you think it’s kind too much technical for you, don’t worry we’re here to help you. Contact us for more information: hello@buenoseo.com

Andrew Teh

In Bueno, Andrew works as Chief Marketing & Service Performance officer. He focused around client services and education, service quality assurance, marketing, business development and business operation. Andrew oversees the growth of Bueno and drives the strategy development of global pitches. His industry experience span 10 years and includes software and website development, business development, business management, service quality assurance, training and support.

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