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September 20, 2015

SEO and the Panda update that was released by Google in mid July actually have a serious impact on how companies should work on their digital marketing. Since the update focuses on quality content, ecommerce sites should make sure that the content of their website has good quality. If it is not, they should be ready to be dropped down from Google rankings.

However, along with the development of branding, brand now also affects the search performance ranking in Google. Firstly, brands start dominating search results. Google has created a brand information drop down where people can see a brief description about a brand.

SEO(images by:marketing-interactive.com)

This indicates that brands now play a crucial role in determining the position of a site in a search engine. As it can be seen, big brands now have dominated the search result. Secondly, the standards to be placed on the top rank of Google search result have been increased. In the past, using magic phrases enabled your site to climb the Google rankings. After the Panda update, it is not enough. You need to have good content for your site. The combination of SEO and good content can place your site on top of search result.

Because you need top quality content, you had better hire a company that can provide such content. In this case, your branding agency is the best company to hire. They know your product and services. They know what kind of image you want to build. They understand the steps to build your brand effectively. As a result, they can produce content that perfectly convey message your company wants to share. In this case, your branding agencies should also know SEO well so that they can deliver both, SEO and quality content. This solution is not only good for your company but also good for branding agencies. They can have more revenues by providing a full service.

Andrew Teh

In Bueno, Andrew works as Chief Marketing & Service Performance officer. He focused around client services and education, service quality assurance, marketing, business development and business operation. Andrew oversees the growth of Bueno and drives the strategy development of global pitches. His industry experience span 10 years and includes software and website development, business development, business management, service quality assurance, training and support.

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