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October 26, 2016


People often ask what to expect from SEO consultant. Hiring a SEO consultant is indeed quite important for any business owner who wants to increase their business via the website. Giving SEO friendly contents means that the website or blog will be found easier in the search engine, eventually. However, not everyone is capable to make a website SEO friendly. A SEO consultant is needed here. What to expect from SEO consultant? Below is the explanation for you.

  1. We Expect Them to Understand All SEO Levels

For those who do not know, there are three levels of SEO. The first level is the technical level. It is basically dealing with the structure of the website. In this level, the main point is to make the website easy to find by the search engine. The second level is the on-page optimization. It is basically dealing with the elements to increase the traffic of the website. Among those elements are HTML tags and also keywords. The third and last level is the off-page optimization. It is basically dealing with elements beyond the page to increase the web traffic. One of the examples of the elements is link building. A SEO consultant, especially the professional one, should really master all three levels of SEO. They must have the knowledge of how to approach the goal from all three levels. They need to be fully understood about the technical approach and issues so that the website they maintain can be full SEO friendly eventually.

  1. We Expect Them to Have an Excellent Communication Skills

A SEO consultant is hired to boost the traffic of the website. It means that they have to combine the original idea of the owner of the website with their own idea in order to make the website more SEO friendly. They have to communicate to a lot of people in this case. That is why a SEO consultant is expected to be able to communicate clearly to the owner of the website especially and convince them successfully why several changes must be made on the website in order to boost the SEO. Beside of communicating well to the owner, the SEO consultant is also expected to communicate well with the IT team and the developers of the website.

  1. We Expect Them to Fully Understand Marketing

The main point of SEO is marketing. It is used to boost the popularity of the website. The more popular it is, the more sales we make. That is why a SEO consultant has to fully understand marketing and all its aspects including the traditional issues of marketing. The contents of the website must be written and shaped as good as possible. The contents need to be interesting and capable to lure the users and viewers to a sale. The website has to be very appealing so that everyone can see what the website is all about and what is offered by the website eventually. That is basically what to expect from SEO consultant.

Felix Widjaja

Felix is the art/creative guy in Bueno. He is one of Bueno founder. He comes from technical and information system background. Felix holds degree in computer science and work as programmer in his early career; He’s one of the first dot com bubble survivors and has been designing websites since late 90’s. Stumbled into web design (again) at his late office career, quickly turned him to what he truly is. Fun fact: Felix had a rock band since 8th grade as guitarist. On college, the band plays in several local cafes, he was keyboardist at that time.

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