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August 26, 2013

When it comes to internet marketing, it is absolutely important for each and every one to consider the options available and then settle on the one that seems most effective. In a recent release of data indicating the happenings on the Internet, Matt from MOZ gave a breakdown of some of the things that determine success. The information indicated that SEOs are much more effective when they rely on links and keywords that are strategically placed on given pages. The use of this strategy is shown to be the best way to achieve success in the present day. However, more data shows that in the future things may change.

While content and authorship is also a great way to capture potential clients, it is not yet as effective as the techniques mentioned above. Nonetheless as time goes by it is expected that content and authorship will become more important and thus future strategies will have to seriously consider that fact. Below is an image showing a brief overview of what plays the biggest role in Google algorithms.

SEO Current Metrics


Having all that in mind, it is also a good idea to take a look at what the survey predicted would happen in the future. While in the past SEO heavily relied on things like; paid links, anchor texts and exact match domains, in the future this will all change. To achieve success it will be vital to focus more on things like; authorship, social signals and structured data. The image below can help you see how this survey was able to make such predictions.

SEO Future Metrics


By using the data given above, anyone should be able to judge what direction their SEO or Internet marketing strategy should take in preparation for the future. The data is also aimed at helping experts in strategising for present day marketing.

for details for this pre-release, please visit http://moz.com/blog/ranking-factors-2013

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