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January 30, 2017

Smartphone helps people to access internet easily. Based on research, smartphone users grow exponentially and replace laptop or computer based users. However, the problem in accessing website via mobile device is loading time and interface. WordPress is one of popular CMS and it is ready to step into the new era. AMP Plugin for wordpress is special plugin to reduce loading time then make website lighter. Moreover, you will access website with mobile-friendly interface. To know more about MP and anything related, you can read the following sections.


Web developers and professionals rely on website as it is easy and effective. There are tons of plugins and themes to create more attractive and innovative website. The problem is about end-user interface. When you access website via laptop, everything will be displayed. Unless connection is in trouble, your display will be in full mode. On contrary, mobile devices and tablets have smaller display size. You will get different experience when accessing website from 14-inch laptop and 5-inch smartphone. This is why AMP Plugin for wordpress comes into the right place. As stated earlier, this plugin will reduce unnecessary configuration to make the device lighter. You may still see similar interface, but with less interactive content.


For your information, AMP is Accelerated Mobile Project. This project was launched in 2015 to help web developers get the easy way to adjust end-user interface. Actually, several platforms have similar capability to simplify website for mobile user. However, these things are not cheap. You still need to pay certain price for comprehensive features. On contrary, AMP is free. To make it more tempting, many big players on internet industry support this project. It is good news due to upgrade and future development. For example, AMP Plugin for wordpress will get regular update from WordPress and related parties.


How does this project involve in SEO? Let’s see the aim of SEO. You want more visitors and views, right? Smartphone users are potential market, so you aim this area. Instead of creating website through mobile platform, you just need to add plugin to adjust interface. Smartphone users are able to access website easily without losing much content. Web developers will focus to enrich contents to keep the visitors stay for long time. Besides attracting more viewers, AMP Plugin for wordpress has another function for SEO. Collaborative plugin between AMP and SEO is the key to win in the crowded market. You may try social media to go alongside this plugin for improving the functionality.

Andrew Teh

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